Meet the Nobody's Perfect Ltd Team

We are a dedicated, passionate and friendly team of dance and fitness fanatics...

Ian - Zumba & FitSteps Instructor

Ian started dancing at the age of 13,  competing in Latin and Ballroom to an international standard. He moved into the Fitness industry at the age of 23 and has never really looked back! You name it, Ian has done it! Aerobics, Step, Personal Training, Gym ownership, International Fitness Trainer and presenter...  Then, in 2010  Ian started teaching Zumba  and that's when he was able to combine his two passions although he still missed the ballroom side. 2 years ago he began working with Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe from "Strictly" and FitSteps was born. He became their UK Master trainer and went on to teach over 1000 instructors how to teach FitSteps! During this time he kept his own classes running and still loves to teach Zumba and FitSteps in the community. His class style is fun and relaxed and everyone leaves smiling (or laughing) and sweating or "sparkling".  Ian often gets called upon to choreograph wedding dances and also offers Nordic Walking Personal Training sessions

Vicki - Zumba, Powerhoop, Pound & Clubbercise Instructor

Vicki had previously worked in the fitness industry, selling home gym equipment but left to raise a family. When Ian started teaching Zumba they decided it would be good for Vicki to attend her training in order that she could cover for Ian in the event of injury or illness. Of course, it wasn't long before Vicki had her own classes, went on to take her exercise to music qualifiation and then added Powerhoop training to her CV. In May 2015, she underwent Clubbercise training and is having way too much fun, dancing around with glowsticks! She loves teaching all class styles because they are so different. Vicki is also licensed to teach Zumba Kids and Zumba Gold and is available for school events, hen do's and parties etc..

Lisa - Zumba Instructor

Mum of 2, Lisa began her journey as a class participant at Ian's classes having been dragged along by a friend, soon she was attending a couple of classes a week and was hooked! Before long Ian was using her as a demonstrator at the front of the class and she became a bit of a fitness addict. She's always up for a challenge and began entering running events and triathlons becoming more and more interested in the benefits of exercise. The next natural step for her was to take her Zumba Instructor course and her Exercise to Music qualification.

Amanda - FitSteps  & Tomboogie Instructor

Amanda has always been a keen a ballroom dancer and was a regular to Ian's Zumba classes. She was thrilled to be invited by Ian and Vicki to Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe's first public FitSteps class where she was offered the opportunity to sign up as an instructor. An invitation to a Tomboogie showcase left her wanting more and she soon signed up to her next training course. A maths teacher by day, Amanda loves to unwind after a day at school by teaching or attending a class. After a year away in Milan, Amanda has returned to the UK and teaches a couple of classes now independently




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