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a Twist!

Powerhoop's weight and wavy interior create pulsing contractions, trimming and toning your waist. Just five minutes a day yields measurable results!  All Powerhoop classes have been suspended but we are on the look out for a new venue so please check back in the future

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Powerhoop® Class Timetable

Effective from November 2014, please check our Facebook and Twitter pages for timetable alterations.

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Laura Went with the flow...

"Had my first power hooping session tonight. As a beginner I wasn't made to feel stupid (as I did drop the hoop a few times) and had lots of fun and felt like I had a great work out :)" it's your turn!

Jo Went with the flow...

"Love Powerhoop best exercise class I've ever done" it's your turn!

Katie Went with the flow...

"5 stars is an understatement!" it's your turn!

Clair Went with the flow...

"My first time last night I loved it....... I will be back that's for sure" it's your turn!

Sara Went with the flow...

Clubbercise with Vicki has been my saviour on a Monday night! When the kids are fed, off i pop for an hour of me time with my friends! who knew Mondays could be the best day of the week? it's your turn!

Sarah Went with the flow...

"Ian and Vicki are the nicest people you could meet! And they have helped me keep motivated and lose weight!!" it's your turn!

Andrea Went with the flow...

"I would recommend any of Ian or Vicki's classes, worth every penny, fun and fitness at the same time" it's your turn!

Tracey Went with the flow...

"Vicki was a great instructor before, during and after the class and I was made to feel so welcome." it's your turn!

Marie Went with the flow...

"Both Ian and Vic are ace and make the class fun as well as keeping you motivated" it's your turn!

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Why Powerhoop®?

The documented waist-whittling effect of weighted, padded Powerhoops makes them a fantastic addition to your workout routine:

  • A large diameter makes it easy to use, even for those who never “hooped” before.
  • The wavy interior profile helps to quickly build a body armour of protective core muscle.
  • High-density foam padding makes Powerhoop comfortable to use, while the shape, size and weight create a versatile fitness tool that can be used in a variety of dance, aerobics, yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises.